About Us

Our Story

In 1942, a man with a hobby and talent for gardening started a business. It grew from humble beginnings (two greenhouses made out of converted chicken coops) into the family-owned business we are today: a place for anyone to discover and cultivate their love of plants.

We are a small business located in Payson, Utah. We love working with our customers and teaching them about how to grow their own plants and design their yards.

What We Do

Our shop is always filled with a variety of trees, shrubs, and perennials! In the spring and summer, our tables are stocked full of vegetable plants and annual flowers. We carry garden supplies and chemicals to help keep your plants happy. Our houseplant section is always stocked with a variety of indoor plants! And we even do fresh floral arrangements for any occasion!

Where We’re Located

If you have any questions give us a call or visit our store!

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